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Vidius Solutions can fully integrate virtually every aspect of your practice’s operations, including hosted PACS, VNA, RIS, billing and voice recognition.

In addition, we offer the security of dedicated data centers, with their backup redundancy and disaster-protection safeguards. This keeps your information secure and your processes flowing without interruption.

Hosted PACS And Vendor-Neutral Archive (VNA)

The Vidius Solutions hosted PACS system let you access, review and share radiological images safely and securely from any web-connected location, any time, anywhere. This gives you the ability to deliver images and reports to referring physicians quickly, efficiently and completely.

Efficiency is further enhanced by the use of instantaneous notification of bookmarks, personal work lists and parallel tasks.

In addition, our hosted VNA storage allows you to archive enterprise-wide images, DICOM and non-DICOM from various PACS, specialties and sites. So you can manage your images to create a comprehensive patient view for physicians in real time, as they offer care to their patients.

Hosted RIS

Our hosted RIS system offers you the efficiency of storing, managing and sharing patients’ electronic health records with a specific orientation to radiology. It is ready for ICD-10 coding, and it significantly enhances overall practice efficiency.

Its communications capabilities allow you to work more easily with referring physicians. And its secure scheduling, messaging and other portal features mean easier, better communications and relations with your patients.

In short, the system’s automated scanning, scheduling and reporting capabilities improve productivity, streamlining practice workflows in the process. It also captures charges automatically, which can lead to enhanced cash flow.

Hosted Billing

Vidius Solutions can automate your entire billing and collections activities to improve your cash flow and expedite the processing of claims. Our solution integrates your RIS to offer instant access to the patient record, streamlining claims procedures. And all billing will continue to be performed by your own staff, accessing our remote servers.

In addition, our hosted financials service reduces claims denials, thanks to its integrated coding features. We also track all claims and perform prompt action on denials and short payments.

Powerscribe 360 Voice Recognition

The pressure to improve patient care—and do it more efficiently—has made Powerscribe 360 medical voice-recognition technology an increasingly valuable tool for today’s radiology practices.

Powerscribe 360 offers a remarkable 99-percent accuracy rate upon startup. It also recognizes an enormous range of regional accents, from British and Hispanic to Pakistani and American. And it offers the choice of four different dictation styles to meet the preferences of individual physicians.

Designed to be adaptable and scalable for next-generation radiology requirements, Powerscribe 360 offers a browser-based portal for radiologists, administrators and reporting physicians, making it an invaluable tool for increasing practice efficiency.

iConnect Solutions

Vidius Solutions has partnered with Merge Healthcare to offer a full range of hosted, web-based clinical solutions. They form an integrated array of methodologies that allow you to share diagnostic information and results easily and efficiently.

iConnect® Access

iConnect Access allows you to share images in real time with referring physicians from any browser-based device. Images may be easily accessed using a tablet and any web browser.

iConnect® Network

This solution allows you to exchange imaging information with virtually any physician who has access to Health Information Exchanges or electronic-health-records networks.

iConnect® Cloud

iConnect Cloud offers secure cloud storage of images for either short- or long-term periods, allowing your archives to expand economically as needed.

iConnect® Share

This solution offers an intelligent DICOM gateway for the sharing of images that are converted to each user’s format. It is designed to eliminate the need for patients to carry CD images to their physicians, and images can be uploaded from any personal computer anytime, anywhere.

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