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Radiology Credentialing Services

Your radiology practice strives to always offer the highest level of quality, provided by experienced, credentialed professionals. Vidius Solutions streamlines your credentialing process and can customize it to your specific radiology practice needs.

Reduced Administrative Costs

Credentialing is a complex process that can take a significant amount of time to navigate, which naturally increases your administrative expenses. By allowing us to simplify this process through streamlined automation, you can significantly reduce those expenses.

Speed Up Service Reimbursement

If your practice has been hurt by slow reimbursement for services provided, you aren’t alone. To boost your cash flow, it’s important to find ways to receive faster reimbursement – and that can be a benefit of simplified credentialing. We’d be happy to talk about how this can help!

Free Up Time

Credentialing is just one aspect of what you need to juggle at a busy radiology practice. So, it’s perfectly understandable that, because patient care issues are your top priority, credentialing issues get pushed further down your to-do list – and then it becomes a crisis. Our team is experienced in addressing credentialing challenges, so let us free up your time to focus on your priority: outstanding patient care.

Customized Radiology Solutions for Your Practice

Vidius Solutions specializes in products and services specifically tailored to your radiology practice. We are more than happy to come to your practice to observe current processes and to recommend streamlined solutions for your professional credentialing.

Radiology solutions for credentialing can be provided as a stand-alone management service or as a part of a broader package that can include:

Financial management services: This can include payroll services, along with benefits management services, bank account management and reconciliations, monthly statement generation, tax-related services and more.

General management services: These services focus on the strategic aspects of your radiology practice, including long-term planning and business efficiency audits, change management consulting, ROI analysis, diversification options and much more.

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