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Your Radiology IT Solution

If you discover gaps in your IT environment, our project team can provide the technological services you need.

Do you, for example, need experts to review your network system to determine what is and isn’t working optimally? Or do you already know that your system needs to be upgraded or transitioned to a new one? We provide customized solutions to fit your specific needs so your efficiency is increased.

Network Audits

IT requirements for modern healthcare services providers continue to evolve and become increasingly more complex. As regulations relating to radiology practices change, this can affect your network needs. As technology advances, new efficiencies come into existence. In both cases, we can recommend solutions.

“Incremental Fix” Issues?

Network technology and regulatory tweaks have a way of sneaking up on you. The fix of the moment seems fairly simple – and maybe it is. But, over time, your network becomes increasingly entangled. Ultimately, this unintended complexity will cost you more money and, if your IT staff changes, the new team may not know how to manage your modified network. We can help.

Network Upgrades and Conversions

Once issues are clearly identified, the next step is to upgrade your network for today’s needs and for what is anticipated in the foreseeable future for the radiology industry. We can upgrade your current network capabilities to be in compliance. Our IT project team can also help you decommission your legacy system and smoothly transition you to your new one.

Secure Remote Data Access

Client data is among your most valued assets, and it needs to be protected. Fortunately, Vidius Solutions has you covered. We provide layers of protection in our remote, dedicated data centers, and our independent power grids further safeguard your RIS system data and PACS system images. Discover more about our secure radiology solutions.

We Provide What You Need, When You Need It

Whether you need just some of our spectrum of services or need us to overhaul your practice’s IT from start to finish, we’re here to help you streamline your system, increase your efficiency and protect your data. Contact us online today to discuss which of our radiology IT services you need or call 800.518.8230 or email

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