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RIS System Data Security and Availability

Medical information about your clients is stored in your radiology information system (RIS system) and it’s crucial that you’re able to quickly access just what you need – and, just as importantly, that the data is kept safe from people who shouldn’t have access. That’s exactly what Vidius Solutions delivers!

Disaster and Back-up Redundancy Gives Peace of Mind

If you’ve ever witnessed catastrophic weather – either by being in the eye of the storm or even via news stories – it’s easy to imagine how much irreplaceable data was lost. Hackers and data breaches make the headlines more and more, as well, which points out how critical redundancy really is today. Back-up systems prevent points of failure from causing disastrous consequences. With Vidius Solutions, you can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that our remote, dedicated data centers provide powerful safeguards. Our independent power grids add yet another layer of protection.

Picture Archiving and Communication Systems Protection

Doctors and specialists often want to compare recent images against a patient’s archived images to determine effectiveness of treatment. Our data back-up security extends to your picture archiving and communication systems (PACS systems), as well.

Proactivity Matters!

You’re busy at your radiology practice and your to-do list is probably pretty overwhelming. But, we strongly recommend that data back-up rises to the top of that list. According to the Experian Third Annual 2016 Data Breach Industry Forecast, health care data breaches are of significant concern. By being proactive, you can protect your invaluable data against catastrophes that you hope never happen.

Cost-Efficient Customized Radiology Solutions Available

Practices comes in all sizes, with differing data back-up needs. We work with small-, medium- and large-sized ones, providing just what is needed. As technology continues to play an increasingly larger role in radiology, data protection increases in importance – and Vidius Solutions has your back. Contact us online to discuss RIS system data security and availability or call 800.518.8230 or email today.

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